The Basics

Individual membership is free.
a) You need only finish two races on our calendar.
b) We will score a person after they have two race scores in a Ultra or Trail.
c) We will score your top four race scores within Ultra or Trail. No more.

Team membership is optional
a) There is normally a fee for teams, but during the covid-pandemic, this fee is waved.
b) Once a team is listed, individuals can be listed as members of that time.
c) Once listed on a team, you are scored with that team until you remove the name.
d) You can belong to only one team and your scores will be added to this team.
e) You cannot change teams after the Lock-In date and before the end of a season.
f) If you join a team after Lock-In date, no previous scores can be used for the team.
g) Top 10 individuals for a team will score towards Ultra & Trail Team totals.

Member Races
a) Races represent a wide ranges of distances, terrain, and locations through-out the state, and we're always interested in adding more races to the series. The criteria for new races are as follows
b) Must be an established race, well managed, and work's well within the greater trail community.
c) There is a small fee per race to help pay the cost of running the series.
d) Race must be properly insured.
e) We try to minimize double race weekend bookings (though this is not always avoidable).
f) Willing to assist with TTCS and member races for shared exposure and marketing, such as website links, race sire banners, or drop bag inclusion.

Seasons: Scoring is broken into two seasons.
SPRING series begins with the first race in January.
FALL series usually begins mid-summer.

Categories: Scoring is further broken into categories as follows
a) TRAIL (Marathon & less) or ULTRA (beyond the marathon)
b) Gender
c) Age Categories - listed below
18-and-under (Trail only)
29 & under (Ultra) or 19-29 (Trail)

a) AGE GROUP: 1st place M&F in each age group win 50% entry discount for any race entry on next seasons calendar.
If one person wins two divisions, then the 2nd place winner gets the discount. (from the the category with the closest score)
The race directors are provided your name, but you need to ask them for your discount when registering.
b) TEAM: 1st place Ultra & Trail team win the Yeti cooler full of beer - but only for a season. This same cooler goes to each season's winner.